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"Don't be afraid of change, it is leading you to a new beginning"

Xiaolu is a new style of martial arts. It has its origins in the ancient western Chinese art of Kenpo (Law of the Fist). Kenpo is generally characterized by explosive movement and smooth redirection of energy.

Xiaolu Karate takes that concept of smooth redirection of energy and explosive movement several steps farther. In Xiaolu Karate, we strive to make sure our way of thinking, pattern of movements, and learning style reflects rapid evolution and efficient use of energy. Do more with less, so to speak.

We have strived to make sure every aspect of our dojo and atmosphere reflects this ideal.

Traditional martial arts tend to have a well, martial, underlying nature to them. This is understandable since most lineages of various traditions of karate can be traced back to conflict. The ethos and culture tend to have an underlying nature of conflict. Xiaolu is certainly a system that is good at all that stuff, but has been adapted to suit modern first world needs. As citizens of a civilized society, it is incumbent upon us to understand what is acceptable and what is not, what is needed and what is not. Xiaolu Karate is a martial arts system that was developed to ensure you will be able to respond with enough force to survive an encounter, but not so much that you will be get arrested for doing so. We strive hard to incorporate an understanding of when force (and more importantly how much), is acceptable and appropriate to a situation. This is done due to a recognition that any self defense situation you may find yourself in is actually comprised of two parts, the physical attack, and the potential legal aftermath. You have to survive both, which means use enough force so you don't get hurt or killed, but not so much that you become the aggressor in the eyes of the law. At Xiaolu, we will help you develop a clear understanding of justified use of force, and this will empower you to act on you behalf should you ever need to.

Use of any kind of force should always be a last resort. As such, we also have woven into our curriculum training that helps you spot violent situations occuring, and what you can do to de-escalate, or extract your self entirely from them. This training was build on the knowledge of many who went before us, police, soldiers, citizens, corrections officers, psychologists, and more. The Xiaolu system is the consolidation of centuries worth of knowledge and research, packaged into an amazing system that is fun, super interesting, and effective.

Of course, we are not just a self defense school. We are a group of friends who have become a family, and a great place to come and have fun, be yourself, and learn some useful things. Kids of all ages have been through our doors and we have appropriate curriculum to provide them with. Kids classes are fun, informative, and safe. We have very clean record regarding injuries, albeit we have had a few, but karate is a very safe activity if done the right way and you will enjoy a very responsible and well thought out curriculum by joining our dojo.

Our school champions three core values. Respect, Humility, and Integrity. This is a requirement of any Xiaolu student or instructor. We want to train the right people and wish to maintain our positive culture and reputation. Martial arts is a wonderful tool for personal growth, but is a weapon when used as such. That means both student and instructor have a responsibility to hold themselves to high standards of conduct at all times. Karate will not be used for any purpose other than self defense, personal growth, and the growth of others.

If you come in, you will meet an awesome group of people dedicated to having a good time, getting some good training in, and bettering everyone in the process. With CPR certified instructors, two nurses usually on site, and a head instructor with an EMT certification, you will find that this is one of the most effective, safety-oriented dojos you will find in the country.

Children, parents, adults, special needs, elderly are all welcome and are encouraged to try a free lesson. Come in this Saturday for your free lesson and make some new friends while you're at it! Get in touch